iDesign Tables
The Linenless Solution
iDesign Tables


Bring an innovative linenless touch to any environment with iDesign Tables™. Choose from hundreds of laminate top finishes and modern leg styles for a smart combination to match any décor. Ideal for meetings or conference settings, iDesign Tables™ deliver a sophisticated alternative to conventional linens.



Available Sizes

Rectangular Card Crescent/Serpentine
18”(w) x 60”(l) x 29.75”(h) 30"(w) x 48"(l) x 29.75"(h) 30"(w) x 60"(dia) x 29.75"(h)
18”(w) x 72”(l) x 29.75”(h) 36"(w) x 36"(l) x 29.75"(h)   
18”(w) x 96”(l) x 29.75”(h)    Crescent/Serpentine Tier
24”(w) x 60”(l) x 29.75”(h) Round 10"(w) x inside radius x 12(h)
24”(w) x 72”(l) x 29.75”(h) 48"(dia) x 29.75"(h) 10"(w) x outside radius x 12(h)
24”(w) x 96”(l) x 29.75”(h) 60"(dia) x 29.75"(h)   
30”(w) x 48”(l) x 29.75”(h)    Pedestal - Round*
30”(w) x 60”(l) x 29.75”(h) Half Round 30"(dia) x 30"(h)
30”(w) x 72”(l) x 29.75”(h) 60"(dia) x 29.75"(h) 30"(dia) x 42"(h)
30”(w) x 96”(l) x 29.75”(h) 72"(dia) x 29.75"(h) 36"(dia) x 30"(h)
36”(w) x 60”(l) x 29.75”(h) 96"(dia) x 29.75"(h) 36"(dia) x 42"(h)
36”(w) x 72”(l) x 29.75”(h)      
36”(w) x 96”(l) x 29.75”(h) Quarter Round Pedestal - Square*
   60"(dia) x 29.75"(h) 30"(w) x 30"(l) x 30"(h)
Rectangular Tier    30"(w) x 30"(l) x 42"(h)
10"(w) x 60"(l) x 12"(h)    36"(w) x 36"(l) x 30"(h)
10"(w) x 72"(l) x 12"(h)    36"(w) x 36"(l) x 42"(h)
10"(w) x 96"(l) x 12"(h)      

Removable Modesty Panel Sizes

Painted - Modesty Panel Laminated - Modesty Panel
5' Panel 5' Panel
6' Panel 6' Panel
8' Panel 8' Panel

Let Southern Aluminum assist in preserving and restoring the brilliant finish of your tables to keep them looking new, even after the most abusive event. Now you will be able to correctly repair scratches, minor scrapes, and nicks, and restore the brilliance of your linenless tables.

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