LuxPad Tables
Enhance the find dining experience
LuxPad Tables

Enhance the Fine Dining Experience

Elegantly transform a casual dining setting into a fine dining experience with the distinguished LuxPad Tables™. Permanently installed 3/8" cushioned foam, inside a vinyl protective cover, reduces noise levels to enhance the fine dining atmosphere.



White Padded Vinyl
White Padded Vinyl

Available Sizes

Round Round Pedestal
48"(r) x 29.5"(h) 30"(r) x 30"(h)
60"(r) x 29.5"(h) 30"(r) x 42"(h)
66"(r) x 29.5"(h) 36"(r) x 30"(h
72"(r) x 29.5"(h) 36"(r) x 42"(h)