Remarkable Tables
Who needs paper?
Remarkable Tables

Who Needs Paper?

Conserve paper, money, and the environment with the creatively inspiring Remarkable Tables™. A white, high-performance finish allows you to write directly on the table top with dry-erase markers and wipe off cleanly in seconds. These "green" aluminum tables are ideal for learning and creative environments.


Available Sizes

Rectangular Card
18”(w) x 60”(l) x 29.5”(h 30"(w) x 30"(l) x 29.5"(h)
18”(w) x 72”(l) x 29.5”(h) 36"(w) x 36"(l) x 29.5"(h)
18”(w) x 96”(l) x 29.5”(h   
24”(w) x 60”(l) x 29.5”(h)   
24”(w) x 72”(l) x 29.5”(h)   
24”(w) x 96”(l) x 29.5”(h)   
30”(w) x 48”(l) x 29.5”(h)   
30”(w) x 60”(l) x 29.5”(h)   
30”(w) x 72”(l) x 29.5”(h)   
30”(w) x 96”(l) x 29.5”(h)   
36”(w) x 60”(l) x 29.5”(h)   
36”(w) x 72”(l) x 29.5”(h)   
36”(w) x 96”(l) x 29.5”(h)