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Table linens and the associated laundry and labor costs and water consumption are extremely expensive. This financial model is designed to illustrate the potential operational savings using linenless tables versus standard tables with linens. In addition, the model calculates the ROI payback period. Calculations were developed in conjunction with the world's largest hotel company.

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Annual Savings

Operational Expense Savings (OES)

Laundry Costs (Table & Cloth)$0$0$0
Laundry Costs (Linenless Tables)$0$0$0
Laundry Savings$0$0$0
Set Up Costs (Table & Cloth)$0$0$0
Set Up Costs (Linenless Tables)$0$0$0
Set Up Savings$0$0$0
Total Savings of Linenless Tables$0$0$0
Table Size and Style
Number of Tables
Number of Events per week
Average laundry cost per linen
Number of staff required for set up
Time (hours) required per set up
Average hourly wage
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