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iDesign Tables

Linenless Meeting Tables

Meetings and conferences begin with the right table. Our iDesign Tables combine the look of high-end residential furniture with the durability required to withstand the daily use of the hotel industry. Choose from hundreds of laminate top finishes and modern leg styles for a smart combination to match any décor.

iDesign Tables deliver a sophisticated alternative to conventional linens.

Available table truck
Optional power supply
Made in the USA
Quick ROI
Protective Perimeter
GREENGUARD laminates

Registration Enclosure Panel

Add a 3-sided enclosure panel to quickly transform a meeting table into a registration desk

Easy Mobility

Specifically designed table cart to store and move your tables

Elevate your Presentation

Tiers are available for additional surface area

Linenless Meetings

Choose from hundreds of scratch-resistant Greenguard® High Pressure Decorative Laminates (HPDL) for tabletop finish

Hide-a-way Power

Hidden power source for personal electronics

Leg Latch

Securely fasten folding legs under tabletop when not in use

Removable Modesty Panel

Utilizes simple hook for quick setup

High Impact Table Edge

Diminishes the appearance of scratches

Laminate Options*

Stock Laminates (stock laminates = quicker lead times)

5th Ave Elm

Skyline Walnut

Studio Teak

Weathered Char


Oiled Soapstone

Non-Stock Laminates (longer lead times)

Ebony Naturelle

Park Elm


Palisades Oak

Prestige Walnut

More Finishes Upon Request Click Here

+ Premium laminates are priced higher than standard laminates.

Perimeter/Leg Finishes*





* Colors may vary from the actual product. To confirm/ensure your design needs, call 800.221.0408 or us for color samples

Available Sizes

All table heights are 29.75"


Size (w) x (l)

Model #


18" x 60"D1860FV29 lbs
18" x 72"D1872FV32 lbs
18" x 96"D1896FV36 lbs
24" x 60"D2460FV33 lbs
24" x 72"D2472FV38 lbs
24" x 96"D2496FV47 lbs
30" x 60"D3060FV39 lbs
30" x 72"D3072FV46 lbs
30" x 96"D3096FV56 lbs
36" x 60"D3660FV47 lbs
36" x 72"D3672FV53 lbs
36" x 96"D3696FV68 lbs

Removable Modesty Panels

Powder Coated

Model #

5' PanelAMP1060DT
6' PanelAMP1072DT
8' PanelAMP1096DT


Model #

5' PanelDAMP1060DT
6' PanelDAMP1072DT
8' PanelDAMP1096DT

Rectangle Tier

Size (w) x (l) x (h)

Model #


10" x 60" x 12"D1060FV13 lbs
10" x 72" x 12"D1072FV14 lbs
10" x 96" x 12"D1096FV15 lbs

Card w/ Individual Folding legs

Size (w) x (l)

Model #


30" x 48"D3048FVIF32 lbs
36" x 36"D3636FVIF33 lbs

Serpentine w/ H leg

Size (w) x (l)

Model #


30" x 60"DC3060FVHL37 lbs
Outside TierDC1060FVOT15 lbs
Inside TierDC1060FVIT12 lbs



Model #
Grommet Hole OGROM
Hide-A-Way Power FDPWROPT
Registration Enclosure Panel ABSD3072EP

Leg Options

Roman II

Individual Folding

H Style

I Leg

A Style

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