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XCube Tables

Activate With Ease

With a sleek and minimalistic design,

XCube Tables™ are a must-have versatile, durable, and lightweight table

with an interchangeable folding base featuring Engage Locking System™. The simplicity of this product can take a supporting role or be the headliner for any event. Design the table with a choice of complementing powdercoat and laminate combinations or choose the one-of-a-kind Swirl® pattern for a great visual effect.

Available table truck
Various Shapes & Sizes
Made in the USA
Quick ROI
GREENGUARD laminates
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ENGAGE Locking System™

This patent pending, quick locking system allows for effortless securing of the table top and base.

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Available in Multiple Finishes

This modern collection is available in an array of table top design options including scratch-resistant laminate, hand-etched swirl, and powder coat

Multiple Size and Height Options

Available in an array of heights and sizes to accomodate any space

ENDURE Perimeter™

An impact resistant vinyl edging that shields from daily wear and tear

One Size Fits All

Universal base will accommodate each size table top

Easy Mobility

Table trucks provide protective stacking and storing

Laminate Options*

Antique Mango

Black Riftwood

Weathered Char

Bleached Legno

Phantom Charcoal

Studio Teak

Silver Riftwood

Mocca Firwood

Portico Teak

Ashwood Bone

Veranda Teak


Aged Ash

Oiled Legno

Weathered Fiberwood

Walnut Fiberwood

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iDesign Perimeter/Leg Finishes*





Swirl Finishes*

Bahama Blue





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* Colors may vary from the actual product. To confirm/ensure your design needs, call 800.221.0408 or us for color samples

Available Sizes


Size (w) x (l) x (h)

Model #

Swirl Weight

iDesign Weight

24" x 24" x 30"XC2424-30HXBSQ16 lbs20 lbs
24" x 24" x 36"XC2424-36HXBSQ16 lbs20 lbs
24" x 24" x 42"XC2424-42HXBSQ16 lbs22 lbs
36" x 36" x 30"XC3636-30HXBSQ25 lbs28 lbs
36" x 36" x 36"XC3636-36HXBSQ26 lbs29 lbs
36" x 36" x 42"XC3636-42HXBSQ27 lbs30 lbs


Size (w) x (l) x (h)

Model #

Swirl Weight

iDesign Weight

36" x 72" x 30"XC3672-30HXBSQ41 lbs47 lbs
36" x 72" x 36"XC3672-36HXBSQ42 lbs49 lbs
36" x 72" x 42"XC3672-42HXBSQ42 lbs49 lbs


Size (dia) x (h)

Model #

Swirl Weight

iDesign Weight

30" x 30"XC30R-30HXBSQ25 lbs28 lbs
30" x 36"XC30R-36HXBSQ26 lbs29 lbs
30" x 42"XC30R-42HXBSQ27 lbs30 lbs

The Linenless Table Company
Southern Aluminum® 2022

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