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Swirl Tables

One-of-a-Kind Design

There is nothing like it in the market! This handcrafted etched aluminum table is one of Southern Aluminum’s signature products. Known simply in the industry as “Swirl”, its pattern creates a depth of design that only adds to the durability and functionality. Built to support up to 2,000 lbs.,

Swirl Tables® are available in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and colors to complement the design of any space in which it is activated.

Available table truck
Optional power supply
Made in the USA
Quick ROI
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Spandex is custom-made in a variety of sizes to complement your table. Utilizes hooks installed under table top for easy application

Linenless Appeal

No need for table linens! Calculate your savings with our ROI Calculator

Protect Your Investment

GHD Table Trucks specifically designed to avoid damage caused by conventional carts

Hide-a-way Power

Conveniently hidden power source and wire management for charging personal electronics

Elevate your Presentation

Detachable tiers allow for added space. Available in different sizes and shapes

Easy Mobility

Casters available for easy transport of tables

Handcrafted Artistry

Randomly swirled patterns etched into aluminum for a linenless appeal and protected with a clear powder coat

Swirl Table Finishes*

Bahama Blue





Request Finish Samples
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Leg Finish*


* Colors may vary from the actual product. To confirm/ensure your design needs, call 800.221.0408 or us for color samples

Available Sizes

All table heights are 29.75"


Size (w) x (l)

Model #


18" x 60"SA1860P24 lbs
18" x 72"SA1872P26 lbs
18" x 96"SA1896P32 lbs
24" x 60"SA2460P28 lbs
24" x 72"SA2472P32 lbs
24" x 96"SA2496P41 lbs
30" x 60"SA3060P32 lbs
30" x 72"SA3072P37 lbs
30" x 96"SA3096P46 lbs
36" x 60"SA3660P37 lbs
36" x 72"SA3672P43 lbs
36" x 96"SA3696P54 lbs

Rectangle Tier

Size (w) x (l) x (h)

Model #


10" x 60" x 12"SA1060PT11 lbs
10" x 72" x 12"SA1072PT12 lbs
10" x 96" x 12"SA1096PT15 lbs

Card w/ Individual Folding legs

Size (w) x (l)

Model #


30" x 48"SA3048PIF28 lbs
36" x 36"SA3636PIF29 lbs

Serpentine w/ H leg

Size (w) x (l)

Model #


30" x 60"SAC3060PH37 lbs
Outside TierSAC1060POT15 lbs
Inside TierSAC1060PIT12 lbs



Model #
Grommet Hole OGROM
Hide-A-Way Power FDPWROPT

Leg Options

Roman II

Individual Folding

H Style

Adj. H


The Linenless Table Company
Southern Aluminum® 2022

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