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Spandex Table Skirting

Finish with Finesse

Effortlessly transform the look of a meeting or event with custom-crafted spandex.

Available in a selection of colors, the spandex wrap slips on easily and sculpts to the shape of the base and legs of the table.

Easy Application
Zero Maintenance
Made in the USA
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Our spandex is custom-made in a variety of sizes to complement your table

Easy Upkeep

Spandex is made of an industrial strength material with four-way stretch and is low maintenance

Chair Spandex Available

Transform your seating into a sleek accessory for any type of arrangement by using our Spandex chair covers

Easy Application

Swirl Tables® include installed hooks under table top for easy spandex application.

Available Colors*





Royal Blue

Silver Grey

Vegas Gold


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* Colors may vary from the actual product. To confirm/ensure your design needs, call 800.221.0408 or us for color samples

Available Sizes

Rectangle Spandex

Size (w) x (l)

Model #

18" x 60"SPAN185
18" x 72"SPAN186
18" x 96"SPAN188
24" x 60"SPAN245
24" x 72"SPAN246
24" x 96"SPAN248
30" x 60"SPAN305
30" x 72"SPAN306
30" x 96"SPAN308
36" x 60"SPAN365
36" x 72"SPAN366
36" x 96"SPAN368

Round Spandex

Size (dia)

Model #


3-Sided Modesty Wrap Spandex

Size (w) x (l)

Model #

18" x 60"SPAN185-3S
18" x 72"SPAN186-3S
18" x 96"SPAN188-3S
24" x 60"SPAN245-3S
24" x 72"SPAN246-3S
24" x 96"SPAN248-3S
30" x 60"SPAN305-3S
30" x 72"SPAN306-3S
30" x 96"SPAN308-3S

Pedestal Spandex

Square (w) x (l) x (h)

Model #

30" x 30" x 30"SPAN30S30
30" x 30" x 42"SPAN30S42
36" x 36" x 30"SPAN36S30
36" x 36" x 42"SPAN36S42

Round (dia) x (h)

Model #

30" x 30"SPAN30R30
30" x 42"SPAN30R42
36" x 30"SPAN36R30
36" x 42"SPAN36R42

Tier Spandex

Size (w) x (l)

Model #

10" x 60"SPAN105
10" x 72"SPAN106
10" x 96"SPAN108

Specialty Spandex


Model #

60" Quarter RoundSPAN5QR
60" Half RoundSPAN5HR
72" Half RoundSPAN6HR
30" x 72" w/adj. legs to 34"SPAN30634H
30" x 48"SPAN304
36" x 36"SPAN36CARD

Chair Spandex


Model #


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