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GL Tables

Linenless Action Stations

The GL Table has been designed specifically for creative action stations and buffets that inspire employees and patrons alike. Available in an array of color combinations, the GL's aluminum top is cloaked in a scratch-resistant laminate to perfectly coordinate your linenless service setups to match your décor. The GL Table is extremely sturdy and allows for easy mobility with multiple leg options and casters that make it useful in many unique ways. Whether you are looking to serve food or beverages, the accessories available for the GL Table, such as enclosure panels, speed rails, and shelves, allow you to activate event spaces to fit your operational needs. This innovative product will enable you to enhance all of your buffets, banquets, and events while providing a multi-use piece of equipment for staff.

Optional power supply
Easy mobility
Made in the USA
GREENGUARD laminates


GL Tables can transform to fit your space for things such as mobile bars, action stations, rolling displays, and more


Available accessories, like the enclosure panels and speed rails, allow you to outfit the GL to meet your needs

Easy Mobility

Casters allow for easy mobility, increased functionality, while still preserving the aesthetics of the GL

Simple Storage

Table legs can easily be removed and securely stored underneath the GL's tabletop

Optional Power

Conveniently placed power source and wire management for power your action stations

Transport made Simple

Specifically, designed table cart to store and move multiple your tables

Protective Perimeter

Highest quality, resilient vinyl table edging protects tabletop from dings and scratches

Laminate Options*

Ebony Char

Empire Mahogany

Ebony Recon



Mangalore Mango

Grey Elm

Veranda Teak

5th Ave Elm

Park Elm

Columbian Walnut

Phantom Cocoa

Skyline Walnut


Phantom Charcoal

Portico Teak

Studio Teak

Kingswood Walnut

Weathered Char

Walnut Heights

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Perimeter/Leg Finishes*





* Colors may vary from the actual product. To confirm/ensure your design needs, call 800.221.0408 or us for color samples

Available Sizes

All table heights are 29.75"

GL Tables

Table Size

GL Table with 36" Legs
GL Table with 36" Caster Legs
GL Table with 42" Legs
GL Table with 42" Caster Legs

GL Table Leg Set

Leg Size

36" (Coffee Break/Buffet)
36" (with Casters)
42" (Front Bars/Communal)
42" (with Casters)

GL Table Tops

Table Size

GL Table Top 30¼" x 72"

GL Table Accessories


Model #

Enclosure PanelGLMOD3172
Caster Enclosure Panel 42" highGLMODCAST3172-42
GL Bar Speed RailGL42SR
Illuminated Bar DisplayGLBAR
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